Since 1999, Tek-bal Medical Devices maintains its R&D activities with an expert staff that are in its own structure. The aim of our company that acting with “First of All Customer Satisfaction” slogan is to increase customer satisfaction with minimum problems and long life products.



Tek-bal Medical Devices guarantees produced and sold devices throughout their period, maintenance, repair and spare parts of the devices which of use. The subject and principles of this guarantee are clearly stated in the contract with the institution. In addition, each maintenance procedure is recorded in writing with a periodic maintenance form.



Training and service are key factors to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our company has always demonstrated its effectiveness in this field.

One of the issues our company cares about is to provide the necessary training to the personnel who will use it for the most efficient use of our devices.

In order for the sterilization devices to work at maximum level without any problem; the relevant user personnel should be informed about the basic concepts of sterilization, the sterilization process, the technical features of the device to be used. For this reason, the necessary information about the device is explained to the user personnel in detail by our team that we train in our own structure.



Material fatigue occurs over time in stainless steel parts, depending on the intensity of use. Therefore, in some parts, invisible capillaries occur. According to the steam sterilizer usage criteria of the Industry Ministry, the life of the sterilization devices is 10 years. Devices that exceed this period need to be revised to ensure that they are working properly. Upon your request to our company, revision processes of devices exceeding 10 years are performed by us. After the revision process of the device is completed, all kinds of test operations are performed (Electronic Bowie-Dick Test, Chemical and Biological indicator test). After successful completion of the tests, delivery is provided to the customer.