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Our STR Series Horizontal Type Steam Sterilizer | Autoclave model has a Autoclave Type Test report according to EN285 and EN ISO 17665 standards validated by the independent organization of Hygcen Austria GMBH.

Our devices are produced in accordance with 2014/68 / EU Pressure Vessels Directive and 93/42 / AT Medical Devices Directive.

It has CE Certificates certified by the accredited organization.

It has Autoclave Steam Quality Test reports made by the accredited institution for the quality of the steam used in the sterilization process.

Made by accredited laboratory for EMC and LVD compatibility

TS EN 60601-1 Security Tests,

Immunity and propagation tests for TS EN 60601-1-2 Electrical Medical Devices,

TS EN 61000-4-3 Radiated Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field Immunity tests

have been successfully passed and reported.


Autoclave General Features

4 digital pressure transmitters for high security, 4 analog pressure manometers to verify, 2 mechanical pressure switches and 4 safety valves for extra security are used in the device.

Capacities range from 100 liters to 1200 liters. Please check our catalog to device capabilities.

Phase Sensor, Water Sensor and Compressed Air Sensor are used to detect possible infrastructure errors.

Remote monitoring and control feature with Computer, Tablet and Mobile phone by using wireless network connection.

Autoclave Technicial Specifications

Front Panel 7” or 10″ Touch screen,

Rear Panel 7” Touch screen,

PLC – Microprocessor control system,

Built-in Steam Generator,

Automatic Double Sliding Door,

6 Standard Sterilization Programs,

1 Vacuum Leak Test Program,

1 Bowie-Dick Test Program,

20 User Defined Sterilization Programs,

Reporting Feature with Built-in Thermal Printer,