Tek-bal Medical Devices exports its products to more than 20 countries.


steam autoclave sterilizer

Our Founder and Honorary President, Abdul Vahap Bal, started his adventure in the Autoclave Sector by working as a technician in the Ministry of Health in 1960s.
In 1980, he founded his company and created the "Tek-bal" brand. As a result of the R&D activities carried out for many years, it has produced its first domestic autoclave by transferring his own technical knowledge.
In 1990, Ziya Yaşar, the second generation of the family, took over the company and adequately fulfilled transferred technical know how to him and added many innovations.
In 2012, Mehmet Müslüm Yaşar, the third generation of the family, took over the company, and increased the sterilization safety to the highest level by making electronic improvements and using the advanced technology systems of the 21st century.
In 2020, Sinem Yaşar, the third generation of the family, joined the company and made radical improvements in the fields of production and quality system.
Tek-bal Medical Devices is a well-established family business that has been going on for 3 generations, from father to son, from son to grandchild.

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